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Testimonials from our patients

I have been to see Callum to help me with tension headaches and various back and shoulder problems. He has resolved me of a lot of pain and discomfort in the past and has taught me techniques i can use in my own time to keep the pain at bay. Callum is always professional and caring and I wouldn't trust anyone else to treat me.
Robyn Dow
"My knees are really good now after your amazing work. I can't thank you enough! I am continuing with the strength exercises and the pain has completely gone. Thank you, Jimmy."
Jimmy Nerguti
"My race went absolutely great. My injuries are great. You did wonders! Thank you, JC."
"My back has been stiff for a long time, especially first thing in the morning. I thought because I am up and down ladders all day it would loosen up but it didn't. Claire mobilised my back and ribs and showed me how I was avoiding certain movements. I now feel much better, there's still work to be done, I know I am on the right path thanks to Claire."
M. Gould
My mum thinks you are great, thanks for looking after her, she is now really keen to get strong!
Mark Staheli
I have been attending Get Strong physio to manage stress and posture related neck and shoulder pain. Thoroughly recommend Claire. Professional, yet approachable, with pragmatic and realistic treatment and advice. Has made a huge difference to my quality of life.
Jason Weston
I really recommend Claire, I have been seeing her for a few years now for various back related issues and she has really helped me out, both through the sessions and with advice on what to do during the day to improve things
Gabriela Vinader
Excellent. Claire helped my strength and running improve significantly.
Iain Hancock
Claire is kind, helpful and friendly. She has worked very hard to resolve my sciatica and after just two sessions I am feeling much better.
Elaine Shelabarger
Callum has worked wonders for both me and my partner; ranging from rugby knocks and bangs, to managing a long standing weight training injury. I have always felt safe, secure and comfortable in his care, knowing that he will work with whatever ailment I have in a caring and considerate way. He is genuinely interested in me as a person, not just a client. If you are looking for a professional with a passion for helping people, I would thoroughly recommend him!
Robby James
Claire has been our family osteopath for a couple of years now. Each time one of us is in pain, be my 21 years old sporty son for his shoulder or me with my back, she does wonders. She is very professional, dedicated and open minded. I would definitely recommend her.
Sophie Taieb
I started working in an office just over a year ago, and after a few months, started having issues with lower back pain. I made an appointment with Callum in the hopes of somewhat reducing the pain. Not only was my pain reduced, but Callum gave me lots of helpful pragmatic tips on my office set up (desk, chair, screen height etc) that I’ve felt the benefit of too. Cheers Callum!
Caoimhe Bennett
I came to Claire with a longstanding (6 years!) and very painful hip issue. I'd been to hospital and seen numerous specialists to no avail, but Claire identified the issue as a muscular tear and fixed it in 4 visits. 3 years later I'm still visiting Claire and she's still fixing things quickly!
Luke Creigh
Claire has fixed me more times than I care to mention over the years and by the time I get to her she has her work cut out. I’m not sure there are many parts she hasn’t fixed, arms, back, shoulders, hips, knees.. there is no one I would trust like I trust Claire, she is professional to the core, she is thorough, gives useful tips and advise on additional stretches (homework) and always has a smile - she is my therapy. And regular maintenance is a must.
Alexis Whitney
Dr. Claire is knowledgable, welcoming, and professional and the radical improvements in my health speak for itself!
Sarah Cooper
I have been amazed at the progress from a repetitive strain injury to my neck, shoulder and back and have seen results week on week. Callum identified and pinpointed the areas for work quickly and I have been extremely impressed how the pain has disappeared and quality of life has returned. Thanks Callum! I would recommend, highly, Get Strong Physiotherapy.
Oliver N
I’ve been receiving treatment from Claire for around 8 months and have found her a thorough, thoughtful and effective osteopath. Despite not living in the area I will always make the effort to go and see her for treatment. I wish I could go more and would recommend her to anyone needing treatment!
Hannah Collins
I have had an ongoing shoulder problem for a few years now and came to terms with it never going away. I came across Callum through a friend and he was sure he could help me. After just 3 sessions I am now pain free and moving better than ever. The knowledge and confidence Callum has in the body is second to none. I have been in the fitness industry for 7 years, and can honestly say I haven't met any company as effective and value for money as Get Strong Physio & Osteo. I would highly recommend. Nat
Nat Moore
Plantar fasciitis has been my demon for way too long. Have been seeing Claire for a few weeks now - love her really positive attitude which, along with the treatment and exercise routine, seems to be starting to show benefits. Hurrah!
Sue Yates
Qualities: Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time I was really pleased with my experience. Claire is very professional she was able to relief my back pain during the weekend. I would definitely recommend her practice.
Robert Barta
Highly recommended. Helped me a great deal with rib and back issues. A very effective holistic approach to pain, strength and movement habits. Efficient booking system as well.
Bob Boblington
I had a foot and ankle assessment with Claire. Very knowledgeable and thorough, I left very happy with a list of exercises. Would highly recommend
James Lacy-Smith
Fantastic service from Callum - saw an immediate difference in movement after one session, back to running after two! Fully recommend.
Sarah Dand
Claire has helped me drastically with both my wrist and back pain so quickly! Have been able to return to yoga within 2 months after being told by the doctor it would be over 6. Highly recommend - so happy to have found this clinic and her help
Nicole Holder
I started off going to Claire about my back and she made such a difference to the pain and discomfort I was feeling. I then started with a friend to do the Get Strong Yoga classes on a Thursday and from someone who was rather intimidated by most yoga studios I fell in love with this one. The teachers are all super nice and make you feel very welcome and the space it’s held in it’s so relaxing. The yoga combined with Osteo has given me such insight in to my body and encouraged me to get back horse riding which is something I’m so passionate about! That is all thanks to Claire and the team at Get Strong!
Judi Graham
Fantastic physio treatment from both Claire and Callum, friendly and knowledgeable! Needed treatment after a knee surgery and they did a great job. Would definitely recommend!
Emma Rietbergen
Simply great
Toby Hack
Claire is an extremely talented professional whom I rate and trust implicitly. She practices with the perfect balance of sensitivity and strength, coupled with an incredibly warm and friendly approach. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Georgina Wilson
So happy with the treatment I received from Claire. After just 3 sessions my extremely painful back pain has gone & I'm sure I'm an inch taller! And the post treatment exercise plan was excellent too. I would definitely recommend.
Margaret Ford
Claire is amazing at what she does. Tried traditional physical therapy, rest and other methods for a severely sprained ankle. I wasn’t able to run for several months, then I went to Claire and after 6 sessions was as good as new! Have since visited for other issues with the same great results. Can’t recommend her enough!!
Jordan Cooper
After a recent car accident, I found by chance, Get Strong physiotherapy & osteopathy in Kew, Richmond. Initially, I was apprehensive but Claire very quickly put me at my ease. She manages to strike the perfect balance between being the consumat professional, quickly diagnosing the issues along with suitable treatment, whilst at the same time being friendly and approachable. Claire made the whole process collaborative, with the focus on getting me 'strong', as quickly as possible. Having met Claire's associate Callum, he also has the same ethics and philosophy. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend both of them.
Louise Overton
Cannot recommend Claire highly enough. This morning I did a routine practice __run of nearly 9km__ - this was inconceivable for me back in March when she first saw me with __crippling knee and back pain.__ Claire is extremely skilled and knows precisely how much pressure you can take and where to apply it. The exercises were really useful too. I just signed up for the __Kew Gardens 10K__ run in September and planning to run a half marathon again next year. I cannot thank you enough, Claire.
Marie Dargelos-Lepage
Never tried osteopathy before but am so glad I did. Claire is able to skilfully pinpoint and treat my sore points and after only two sessions am starting to see a difference with my tense shoulders and back. Highly recommended!
Audrey Ng
I've had chronic back, hip and collarbone injuries. Claire has been the only person to thoroughly take the time to assess the root cause of my pains and rehabilitate me back to full health. You shouldn't have to live with pain. Claire's unique techniques have allowed me to enjoy life pain free.
Iyiola Awosika
Highly recommend! Claire is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, she has helped me with an ongoing shoulder problem that no other practitioner could help with for over 5 years! Thanks to her treatment and advice, I am pain-free for the first time in 6years! Thank you Claire
Monika Sikora
Highly recommend! Claire is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, she has helped me with an ongoing shoulder problem that no other practitioner could help with for over 5 years! Thanks to her treatment and advice, I am pain-free for the first time in 6years! Thank you Claire
Monika Sikora
I've had chronic back, hip and collarbone injuries. Claire has been the only person to thoroughly take the time to assess the root cause of my pains and rehabilitate me back to full health. You shouldn't have to live with pain. Claire's unique techniques have allowed me to enjoy life pain free.
Iyiola Awosika
Highly recommended. Claire is calm & insightful and her treatment and exercise plans made a massive difference in a very short space of time. I also appreciated her philosophy towards pain, the body, and what it means to 'get strong'. A very integrative experience.
Alice Huntley
I highly recommend Claire. I went to her, post-op, on crutches after fracturing my ankle in three places and, less than six months later, I’ve just come back from a very challenging week’s walking holiday with not one mishap! Thank you, Claire, not only for your superb skills and kindness but also for giving me the confidence to go for it!
Sally Sheringham
I was referred to Claire by my Doctor in 2015 for my enduring back pain. I was quite concerned and this was my first visit to see an Osteopath. I found Claire very kind and highly skilled. After just 2 sessions my muscular back pain and problem was resolved and I had peace of mind. Claire proffers a very warm environment displaying compassion and empathy together with understanding a patients mind, emotions and all health issues before she considers the treatment required. She also aims to put strength back into your body and provides when appropriate examples of simple exercises to do. I returned to see Claire earlier this year as I had pulled the same back muscle and again Claire sorted me out very quickly. I now have a review for exercises and check ups every few months. Claire is highly recommended right across the spectrum and her practise is exceptional making it a Centre of Excellence in giving equilibrium to so many. Thank you Claire for all your help, encouragement and understanding.! You are a true Ambassador of your Profession!!
Claire was very helpful and professional in dealing with my __osteoarthritic__ related issues. I feel so much better after just 2 sessions!
Chrysoula Sofitsi
I had a very lovely experience. __Noemi__ is very professional and she has explained to me all the steps very clearly.
Carmela De Falco
I was seen and treated by Claire for my lower back pain. Before that I went to three different specialists with no improvement whatsoever. The lower back pain completely left me after just two treatments by Claire. So I am very pleased and would recommend Claire as an excellent physiotherapist and osteopath.
Anastasia Karaseva
Claire was friendly and professional, I would definitely recommend. She sorted out my muscle spasm and gave great exercises for me to do at home along with other holistic advice on how to improve back/neck pain and headaches.
Emilia Campanale
So I met Noemi when I couldn't get an appointment with my usual therapist Claire. At first I was a bit apprehensive as I had obviously been seeing Claire on and off for over a year, but I certainly didn't have to worry. Noemi placed me at ease immediately. She is extremely attentive and thorough with her examination / treatment, which I have been having weekly for the past month. She has a wonderful presence and aura and is an absolute awesome therapist. I would HIGHLY recommend Noemi (and Claire) if you are in need of treatment. They are both wonderful and welcoming to their practice. Girl power definitely rocks at this practice 🙏
Kerry Cunningham
I had my first appointment this week with Claire. I went because I've been having a neck pain for the last six months, and could not turn my head without a terrible discomfort. After one session, I noticed a big improvement in my movements and reduction of pain. Claire gave me a series of exercises and patiently showed me how to do them correctly. During the session, Claire was very positive, encouraging and professional. I am looking forward to my second treatment.
Esteban Arboleda
Booked an appointment with Claire to check healing progress of an achilles injury and couldn't be more pleased that I did. It has given me the confidence to return to running and a clear strengthening plan.
Harry Naughton
We decided to do the course of 5 couples yoga classes this month with Simone, and it has been brilliant! We have really improved and enjoyed the classes.
Niamh Cunningham
In addition to knowing what she was doing, I found Rachel to be empathetic and attentive. A very positive experience. I would definitely recommend her.
Sarah Willison
I was recommended Get Stronger Physiotherapy by a previous Physio that moved away. I had been suffering from serious back pain. After meeting Rachel she was able to ascertain what the cause was and why it was affecting me. Rachel worked on mobility to see my current limits and gave me some exercises to try a home to help out. I ended up only needing three sessions. Rachel was very professional and really helpful. The studio is extremely clean and tidy with all the equipment needed. I can’t highly recommend enough and also close to home which was a help. Also parking available in a fairly quiet area. Many thanks.
Mark Woolcott
Claire has treated me on and off for several years and I cannot recommend her and her team highly enough. Her treatments and advice are well directed and very effective. The online Pilates classes are great too!
Hilary Bodin
Couldn't recommend Get Strong enough! After suffering from terrible shoulder paid for a year, trying physio as well as other remedies and nothing worked. Rachel finally sorted the shoulder out within a month! Excellent place for injuries :)
Lewis Ward
I went to Neomi thinking that I might have sciatica but she diagnosed a hamstring injury. This meant that I would get the correct treatment. I have confidence in her diagnosis and treatment and my injury is responding to massage and the exercises she has recommended. I have found Neomi to be calm and reassuring.
Steven Astell
This place is brilliant! I've been seeing Noemi for the past few months for back pain and the work she does has been amazing. Regular sessions along with an exercise programme in-between to help eliminate the pain. I also sustained an ankle injury, and she has worked hard to rehabilitate my movement using effective techniques. I've also seen Claire in the past for lower back pain, and her methods are great and very effective, working on the exact areas of the back to leave it pain-free. Together with Noemi, they make a great and friendly team! You will always walk out of here happy and feeling like a new person! Highly recommended.
Chunkin Cheung
I’ve had many massages in the past but nothing compares to the osteo treatment I had at Get Strong with Rachel. By doing a few simple movements she instantly knew exactly where I carried my stress. 45 minutes later I worked out of there like I was floating on a cloud. My shoulders were loosened with no pressure or pain whatsoever! I can not recommend them highly enough.
Penny Lambert
I got ankle injury due to crash during mountain biking, I think that was the worst crash ever. Claire is my physiotherapy, and after 3 sessions I feel significant improvement. The place is also comfortable. Thanks Claire and get strong physiotherapy
Edwin Hakim
I had two physiotherapy sessions with Claire to learn how to exercise my back to cope with lifting my two increasingly heavy baby (and now toddler) twin boys. Claire was brilliant, showing me excellent quick-and-easy-to-do exercises for every day to keep my back strong and healthy. She was also incredibly sweet and patient with the somewhat disruptive twins, who I had to bring along to the sessions. 8 months later, my back is still doing well - thank you Claire...!
Anke Monestel
I’ve just had a couple of osteopathy appointments with Rachel as I’ve been suffering with upper back and shoulder pain and stiffness for a while now. She knows her stuff and has managed to relieve my pain and pressure. Although sore the next day, the day after I felt as though I was walking on air and had a spring in my step! I would recommend Get Strong, it’s a great little find in Kew!
Phillip Allen
Claire is brilliant: highly expert, calm, effective and friendly. I felt reassured immediately and have a clear course of action to take over coming months to help tackle my shoulder issues. The facilities are spotless and spacious.
Liz Jones
Demet did a brilliant and very professional job on helping me recover from a muscle contracture in my lower back. Physiotherapy and guidance on exercises took the pain and contracture away in one week.
Juan Carlos Arrendondo
I am very thankful for having found this physiotherapy practice . For my sore neck and lower back pain I received massage & musculoskeletal treatments by Demet and just after few sessions I am feeling energetic and feeling much better. I strongly recommend massage treatments with Demet.
Dora Williams
The treatment from Demet was excellent. She relieved pain and increased my flexibility. Thank you
Richard Addison
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