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Normal movements are taught such as bending and rotating your lower back, these movements are sometimes avoided during daily activity due to pain or fear avoidance. The movements we teach are about reminding your body of its capabilities. As well as calling them normal movements we also call them enjoyable movements; playful movements and challenging movements. Don't worry about the reps and frequency so much, just move.

Exercise vs movement. "You need to exercise more", said almost every physiotherapist, osteopath, doctor and personal trainer etc. What if that is correct, many of us could do with with more cardiovascular exercise, something that gets us a bit sweaty and slightly out of breath, it does not need to be a marathon, ironman or triathlon. These events are good for many reasons; the ego being one of them;-). Exercise has many health benefits including emotional and psychological. All we need to do is put our training gear on and get out there, easier said than done, given our busy lifestyles.

What if, movement was pushed just as much as exercise? And every physiotherapist, osteopath, doctor and personal trainer told you to move more. Movement does not mean exercise but it does require learning. Movement is everything in our lives, if nothing moves then nothing changes. A great quote: "Life is movement. Change movement and you can change your life" (unknown resource). An interpretation of what this means is, your movement is of high importance, it is something to be proud of and something to continuously work on, not just for now but for the rest of your life. The good news is, many physiotherapists and osteopaths are trained in all things to do with movement and they will teach you to move and not only offer exercises. Yoga and Pilates teachers are also great at getting you to move in ways you have probably long since forgotten.

At our clinic in Kew we have a lovely space and an exercise wall bar to teach you many different movements and exercises. Physiotherapy, osteopathy and yoga all have a common goal and that is movement, book online today for your movement to begin. Movement is a sign of your cababilities as well as a sign of your robustness. Your brain may have forgotten some movements or may have been over-protective for a long time. It's time for your brain to allow movement to happen. Our slogan at Get Strong physiotherapy & osteopathy is: Your movement is your strength.

Have a look at some of our movements and exercises from the list below. Please be careful and seek advice from us if you decide to do any of these exercises especially if you are unsure or in pain as we can not take responsibility.

Movements and exercises to re-establish your capabilities at Get Strong physiotherapy & osteopathy.

Movements and exercises

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