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Your movement is your strength!

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More about us

Get Strong are your local physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapist, yoga and Pilates teachers trained to help reduce pain and improve your movement and strength. Based on Sandycombe Road, near Kew Gardens, Richmond we have been offering physiotherapy and osteopathy in the beautiful area of Richmond for over 10 years.

The reason for setting up our boutique clinic and studio was because of a deep rooted belief that movement and strength are key components of owning a human body, hence the name Get Strong. Years of experience working in the NHS and private practice has shown that the human body needs constant input of movement and strengthening. There is no quick fix, or magic solution, only discipline and commitment to yourself and to your body. Your movement is your strength!

Listening to your concerns and finding ways to improve your movement and your strength is what we are good at. We use our osteopathy and physiotherapy skills to spot areas within your feet, or knees, or spine that may not move well but have the potential to move much better. Our work ethic of skillful hands-on treatment and exercises is what sets us apart from other clinics. Our motivation comes from empowering you to realise your capability of movement and strength. It's time to Get Strong!

Your treatments


The primary aim of physiotherapy is to alleviate pain and assess and treat to improve movement. Our highly experienced physiotherapists use treatment techniques including massage, mobilisations, acupuncture, taping and exercise.


Osteopathy improves your movements and reduces pain you may be experiencing. A variety of treatment techniques are used such as massage, joint mobilisations and exercise to help ease painful muscles and stiff joints.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy by Demet Karabork, Demet is a trained physiotherapist and massage therapist, she will work on your muscles and your musculoskeletal system with a combination of sports massage, deep tissue and remedial massage. Other modalities used where appropriate are lymphatic drainage massage and scar tissue massage.

Runners legs

Physiotherapy for runners is a specific treatment by Claire Slater-Gallon for you on your running journey. Whether you have an injury or just need some hands-on treatment and specific exercises.

Movement therapy

Get Strong movement

Based in our studio, movement therapy is about your movement and your goals. Your knee pain, ankle injury, back weakness may be preventing you from returning to yoga; running, or Joe Wicks workouts. It is an environment to learn and explore what you are good at, and what needs more work. This session will explore foot and ankle movements; your body type and strength, and it will challenge you to get stronger and get back doing what you enjoy. It's time to Get Strong!

Movement class

Based in The Marwood Room at St. Luke's on The Avenue. Movement class is a 45 minute session of movements that explores your spinal mobility, shoulder and hip movements. It is a place and a space to discover what your body is capable of, to be curious, to be playful. Movement class takes infulences from many different sources such as yoga, boxing, Tai Chi. Come and give it a try! Every Wednesday at 7:45pm and Thursday at 12:30pm.

Get Strong Pilates

Pilates 121/couples

Your 121 or couples Pilates session in our boutique studio in Kew. Email to enquire. Your PIlates teacher will take you through 45 minutes of movement to improve your strength. Tell us your preferred days and times, we will then add it to the schedule for you to book online.

Get Strong yoga

Yoga 121/couples sessions in our boutique studio

Your personalised yoga session based in our studio in Kew. Your yoga teacher will encourage you to have a go, there is no judgement, just your body type, your beathing and your movement. If you feel inflexiblie, that's ok, you will feel the difference in your body after each session. Email to enquire, and we will schedule it in for you.

Yoga at St. Luke's Church

_- Suspended for the time being. Watch this space. _

Yoga every Wednesday evening at 7:45pm, based in the Marwood Room, St Luke's Church on the Avenue. 45 minutes away from Netflix, time for yourself, to check in with your strength, and check out with your mind.


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