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Osteopathy in Kew, Richmond

Osteopathy £60 per session. Package deal of 5 sessions for £270.

Your local osteopaths in Kew, Richmond care about getting rid of your pain and helping you feel stronger. We use many different treatment techniques to reduce pain; improve movement and increase strength. Being based in the Kew and Richmond area we see a wide variety of people from keen runners to deskworkers. Osteopathy successfully treats conditions from acute injuries to chronic pain.

Our osteopaths are caring, skilled and highly specialised in treating neck, shoulder, back, knee, ankle pain and many more. Your osteopath will use a variety of treatment methods such as deep tissue massage, joint manipulations, joint mobilisations, acupuncture and exercise.

Osteopathy is really effective in treating sports injuries, you don't have to be an athlete or a professional sports person to have a sports injury. You and I could suffer with a sports injury from running, swimming, golf and from going to the gym, these are just a few examples. Osteopathy is great at treating and getting you back to your favourite sport. Examples of sports injuries we see are tennis elbow from lifting weights at the gym and plantar fasciitis from running a half marathon. Osteopathy is often seen as just treating backs, it's not, osteopaths treat all kinds of injuries and pain.

The reason our clinic is called 'Get Strong' is because 'being strong' and 'getting strong' is probably the biggest component of our treatment philosophy. The importance of being strong is often ignored until something goes wrong, it is during these occasions that strength is valued. As osteopaths we do a lot of hands-on treatment and we see how much this benefits our patients, it reduces pain; improves movement, and it offers reassurance that pain does not mean damage. This however, is not where our treatment ends, without the strengthening part of treatment, the pain or injury could reoccur. Strengthening comes in many different forms, such as, a downward dog to improve wrist pain of a mother suffering with months of wrist pain; or doing a variation of lower back bends and rotations to improve the strength of the deep back muscles in someone who plays golf.

Osteopathy and osteopathic treatment are based on the holistic principle that by removing barriers your body will heal itself. For example, your osteopath will mobilise your ribs and teach you to move them better to resolve your long standing shoulder pain. Osteopaths believe that your ribs are a major shock absorber and if they are not moving well they can no longer absorb shock and the impact will be directed somewhere else, possibly to the shoulder, or neck, or lower back. Your osteopath would then teach you movements and exercises to keep your ribs and shoulder moving better and stronger to prevent it recurring.

If you are local to the Richmond and Kew area and in need of osteopathy give us a call or book online for an appointment.

Osteopathy in Kew treats shoulder pain.

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After you have had a look at our website and got to know us a bit better, you can book an osteopathy appointment online from the top or bottom of this page. You can also change or cancel your appointment online. Please allow 24 hours notice as there will be a charge. Check our cancellation policy here.

Otherwise, email or call our reception team if you have any concerns or questions before booking an appointment.

Our initial aim is to ask about your pain and how and why it started. We will discuss what concerns you most about it and use our physiotherapy and osteopathy skills to get rid of your pain and get you moving better and stronger again.

Prices are £60 for first appointments and follow-ups. We also offer a package deal of 5 sessions for £270.
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