Yoga at St. Luke's Church

Your local yoga class based in St Luke's Church on The Avenue. Book online.

Yoga at St. Luke's Church

Suspended for the time being. Watch this space
Based in The Marwood Room, in St. Luke's Church on The Avenue in Kew, Richmond. Get Strong yoga is a 45 minute vinyasa flow yoga class that consists of 30 minutes of strengthening, 10 minutes of stretching and 5 minutes of relaxation. There is no competition, no judgement, just a sense of wellbeing and camaraderie. You don't need to be a yogi to do yoga.

If you are looking for a yoga class that is not intimidating, gets you moving and doesn't take up a lot of your time, then this is the yoga class for you.

Many of the exercises we prescribe during our physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments are based on yoga. One thing that is often said when yoga is recommended to patients is, "I'm not flexible enough", we say you don't need to be flexible you need to Get Strong. We really recommend Get Strong Yoga for everyone including runners, cyclists, men, women, deskworkers, rugby players and as we have said before the ‘non-flexible’.

The yoga poses are done on the mat, holding your own body weight and moving from one posture to the next all whilst connecting with your breathing. We recommend it because it gets you strong from your big toes to the muscles in your neck. Movement, flexibility and strength will come, but at no point do you need to be good at any of these. The aim of yoga is the journey of movement not the destination of being flexible.

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