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We have been in the Kew and Richmond area providing physiotherapy for over 10 years treating local people with all kinds of injuries and pain. We work hard to get rid of your pain and then introduce new movements to improve your strength.

Our highly experienced physiotherapists use a number of treatment techniques including massage, mobilisations, acupunctune, taping and exercise.

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More info about our Physiotherapy approach

Our treatment will focus on strengthening weak muscles to reduce pain and improve function. Strength comes in many different forms such as bending forwards; turning over in bed, being able to sit at your desk for longer periods and playing sports.

Unfortunately, strength does not come from doing habitual things such as walking, running, and sitting at a desk. It doesn't even come from playing sports, we have to actively put strength into our bodies. Some people dislike doing strength exercises, others love it, whether you like it or not, your body needs it. Physiotherapy can teach you many different ways to be strong, it could mean doing ten minutes of exercises every few days, or going to your local yoga or Pilates class, the key is to find something that suits you.

Physiotherapists are passionate about movement, be that normal movement or movement because of pain or disease. As physiotherapists we can not walk down the street without analysing someone's gait or running style. We can probably pin point the possible cause of a limp, be it because of the right ankle; the left hip, the lower back, or the neck not moving efficiently.

Physiotherapy in the private practise is very much about hands-on treatment, about working into painful stiff joints and sore muscles, exercise and strengthening are also an important part of our treatment philosophy.

Knee pain helped by physiotherapy in Kew
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