Paediatric osteopathy

Gentle osteopathic techniques that calm and help your baby feel more comfortable.

Paediatric osteopathy

What is Paediatric Osteopathy?

Paediatric osteopathy is a form of preventive medicine.
It is the elective therapy for the newborn that has had a natural or a cesarean birth.

We often hear that natural childbirth is traumatic, when is fact, it is the most physiological and natural process in the world. It is a unique and unrepeatable experience for both mother and child and certainly involves incredible efforts by both.
The osteopath takes care of the child considering the baby as a single functional unit of mind, emotions, body and spirit.

Why should a newborn have osteopathic treatment?

The intra-uterine life of the foetus can be perfect most of the time: they have warmth, food, and all the calming and natural hormones received from the mother, everything the baby needs to grow and be ready to face the world. If conditions are disrupted by any form of stress or tension, the baby may start off feeling stressed resulting in discomfort.

The dynamics of childbirth may result in complaints that the baby can resolve spontaneously but not always in a complete way. If during the pregnancy the mother suffered from low back pain, sciatica, abdominal tensions it is likely that all the structures involved were not able to compensate for the body’s demands of the continuous adaptation of the foetus. The pelvis has to go through the greatest amount of change and may carrying tensions during delivery, which may result in asymmetrical compressions on the future newborn.

A combination of: a difficult expulsive phase that followed a long labor; or a rapid and dystonic delivery that requires the use of forceps, sucker or specific obstetric manoeuvres; or an umbilical cord that's too short or twisted into a loop, may have influenced the delicate tissues of the newborn. All of which the newborn is more than capable to resolving, osteopathic treatment aims to offer guidance of this process.

What conditions can affect the newborn?
What does paediatric osteopathy consist of?

Osteopathy in the paediatric field is a specialisation that involves delicate treatments, suitable for any discomforts caused by disorders characteristic of the developmental age. Treatment tracks and reduces any tensions detected in the skull and abdomen of the baby.

There are various techniques and approaches available to the osteopath.
In particular, a cranial-sacral approach is used in paediatrics, which is gentle, non-invasive and effective manual treatment method. The osteopath guides the cranio-sacral rhythm with both hands and through very gentle maneuverers to rebalances the tensions in the skull and sacrum. During treatment children may release their emotions or cry, but the techniques are gentle and do not hurt. Osteopathy treats the patient and not the disease. The intention is to restore the structural integrity and reduce tension. Only then can the body implement its power of self-healing.

Osteopathy for children during growth

When children get older, they can present with other problems such as: flat feet; valgus or varus knees; delays in psycho-motor development; eye problems both of visual deficiency and of strabismus; delays in crawling or walking; inguinal hernia, in males - testicles withdrawn; otorhinolaryngology problems such as frequent ear infections and sore throats. Osteopaths also treats malocclusion problems, bruxism, scoliosis, kyphosis and non-physiological lordosis, respiratory problems with or without asthma.

Many osteopaths with experience in this field also consider that mechanical strain on the body can be an important element in the case of developmental delay, such as delay in language and problems with coordination and physical development that do not have no specific medical diagnosis.

Your visit to the paediatric osteopath

When you take your child to the osteopath for first time, a complete picture of the process will be given. You may be asked to remove some of the child's clothing so that a series of simple movements can be performed. A highly developed sense of touch, palpation will be performed to identify weaknesses or excessive tension.
Osteopathy focuses on the patient, which means that the treatment is aimed at your child as an individual.

Caring for your baby with osteopathic techniques to help find comfort in their new world.

What happens next

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After you have read as much as you can about newborns osteopathy and what can be offered, book an appointment online, call, text or email. We understand that you may have more questions before booking so let us know and we will try to answer them as best we can.

If you haven't already, check 'your questions' page for more information about prenatal osteopathy.

Prices are £70 per treatment, allow up to 50 minutes for each session.
You can buy a package deal of 5 treatments for £315 (saving £35!)

Testimonials for pregnancy & newborn osteopathy

My baby cried pretty much continuously for the first 4 weeks of his life (in between extensive and voracious feeding). I was told that he had reflux but mothers’ instinct steered me toward finding other answers and treatment. 
I had heard about the benefits of cranial osteopathy and thankfully found Noemi. Her treatment was gentle and non-evasive but the effect on my son was immediate and dramatic. After only a couple of sessions he could be on his back without crying, his feeding regulated, his sleeping improved and his little clenched fists began to unfurl. I would recommend Noemi to any new mum (and often do).
Jane S
I had back pain during the last trimester of pregnancy and Noemi greatly improved my symptoms and also helped me prepare for childbirth. I learned a great deal about how the various areas of the body make cross-references and I am always impressed by the knowledge and ability of the Naomi to get to the root of the problem, rather than cure the symptoms.
Sarah C
Our son was 6 months old. He had a case of flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly). Throught cranial osteopathy he now has a beautiful round head. The suggested course of treatments worked. The communication thought out the process was flawless. We are grateful to Noemi and the team and recommend them highly.
Fiona Allen
Noemi's treatments have helped my family immeasurably. Her newborn check-ups and treatments worked wonders on both my children's digestive issues, breathing and sleep, and she has helped me with numerous issues such as back and neck pain and for musculoskeletal problems during pregnancy. Her ability to target the root cause of the issue and alleviate pain is real. I can't recommend her highly enough
I originally brought my daughter to Noemi at a few weeks of age for osteopathy to help with colic as well as slight torticollis. After our first session there was drastic improvement. After each session we noticed a difference.
Donna Makin
Noemi managed to diagnose old sporting injuries and really find the root of the problem, which was not necessarily what I thought was the root. Since then my wife has also started seeing Noemi for post natal treatment combined with personal training. The expertise, professionalism and outstanding results from the team at Get Strong has made a drastic improvement to all of our lives, probably the best choice and best decision we have made in terms of physical wellbeing and health.
Charlie O'Grady
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