Neck & shoulder

Feeling tension in your neck and shoulders? Missing your physiotherapy & osteopathy 'hands on' appointments? This class can help.

Via Zoom

Brought to you via Zoom, Get Strong neck & shoulder is 30 minutes of movement and strengthening of your neck, shoulders and rib cage. This session will teach you the function of your shoulder girdle and neck area, and how to keep them moving, and tension free. It is recommended for anyone finding themselves doing long hours working on the computer, or at a new workstation that you are not used to.

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Get Strong neck & shoulder is like no other, designed for anyone with a history of neck tension, shoulder injury, weakness, or stiffness in the upper back. You will learn to move your shoulders and rib cage, build strength and realise your capabilities in a fun and functional way.

Get Strong neck & shoulder is not personal training, it is not a gym session, and it is not an ‘all or nothing’ thing. It is an environment to learn, move, and GET STRONG!

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