Lower back class

Get Strong and get moving, and while you are doing learn how and why your back needs to move.

About our lower back class

Based in our spacious and equipped clinic in Kew, Richmond this small supervised class will teach you how to bend, rotate, and strengthen your lower back. It's time to get your lower back strong!

The bookings allow for flexibility, choose an hour of booking at 5pm, 6pm, or 7pm, and turn up anytime within that hour. For example, if you book the 7pm class, you can turn up at 7:55pm and do your 30 minute class.

Get Strong lower back is a class like no other, designed for anyone with a history of lower back pain, injury, weakness, or stiffness. You will learn to bend your lumbar spine, build strength and realise your capabilities in a fun and functional way.

This class is not personal training, it is not a gym class, and it is not an ‘all or nothing’ class. It is an environment to learn, move, and GET STRONG!

Starts from March 2nd.

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A 30 minute movement class to teach how to move your back, how to make it feel stronger, and how to better understand your movements and capabilities.
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