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Mat pilates will build on your overall strength, recommended for runners and walkers.

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Mat Pilates taught by Rachel, our osteopath and Pilates teacher. Pilates is a series of movements that strengthen and lengthen your core muscles, including the muscles of your arms and legs. Mat Pilates will challenge your overall strength in a way that does not end up as an ‘all or nothing’, high intensity exercise programme. Pilates will strengthen the body as an integrated whole and not focus on ‘leg day’ or ‘arm day’.

If there’s one thing we know about the human body is that it constantly needs a challenge. Leave it to it’s own devices and it will find a way to settle. The brain is essentially lazy so give it a choice and it will choose the easy option, that’s why Pilates is good, it avoids the high intensity reward loop, where the body is put under extreme stress, the brain gets a rewards, and therefore the body wants to repeat it.

Pilates can adapt to any fitness level, with thousands of possible exercise routines, it can be tailored quite easily to every individuals' need. The mind-body connection is very important to a Pilates instructor, often a misconception that it’s more a philosophy of yoga.

Pilates will increase your strength without the bulking of muscles, improve joint movement, flexibility and teach you to connect your mind to your body.

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Your yoga & Pilates class testimonials

I started off going to Claire about my back and she made such a difference to the pain and discomfort I was feeling. I then started with a friend to do the Get Strong Yoga classes on a Thursday and from someone who was rather intimidated by most yoga studios I fell in love with this one. The teachers are all super nice and make you feel very welcome and the space it’s held in it’s so relaxing. The yoga combined with Osteo has given me such insight in to my body and encouraged me to get back horse riding which is something I’m so passionate about! That is all thanks to Claire and the team at Get Strong!
Judi Graham
Yoga Class booked through Get Strong Physiotherapy & Osteopathy: This is a lovely class held in a small, light, studio with huge windows looking out onto a garden …. the perfect setting for a relaxing yet challenging yoga class. The teacher, Kate, is excellent – she is clearly very knowledgeable and has a kind, supportive, teaching style. She also manages to create a programme that is well balanced and somehow manages to appeal to both enthusiastic novices (like myself) and to the more experienced yoga students. It’s also worth noting that it is very reasonably priced. Highly recommended.
Joanna McKelvey
Get strong yoga @ at luke's church really is amazing. I went to a class with Katie teaching where the flow was the perfect balance of strength and relaxation, I left the class feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the rest of the week was going to throw at me. The space was beautiful and I highly recommend getting yourself to class!
Elouise Norris
Yoga with Katie is fabulous - I am completely new to it and yet the flow was great and every week I come home feeling strong, stretched and refreshed. Thanks so much
Josie Dalli
We decided to do the course of 5 couples yoga classes this month with Simone, and it has been brilliant! We have really improved and enjoyed the classes.
Niamh Cunningham
Claire has treated me on and off for several years and I cannot recommend her and her team highly enough. Her treatments and advice are well directed and very effective. The online Pilates classes are great too!
Hilary Bodin