Falls prevention

Falls prevention in Kew, Richmond


(Coming soon!!!) Falls can change a person’s life at any age. The floor can seem a long way down and an unfriendly place.

The floor

The floor is the biggest reason that trips us up, The floor that has been there all of our lives has now turned into an enemy. We used to sit on the floor and get on the floor frequently at some point in our lives, but then something changed and now it has been a long time since we have been there.
The floor hasn’t changed, so what has? Maybe we have changed. We don’t play so much, we don’t roll around or get up from the floor anymore. If the floor hasn’t changed then why has it become something to fear. We age if we are lucky, with age comes an accumulation of aches, pains and injuries. The ageing process is not a painful one, your knee pain is not because you have turned 79 years old. Your knee however may have accumulated some stiffness, weakness and maybe even a couple of injuries. This accumulation teaches our brains to avoid some movements, this avoidance feeds further allows the joints to stiffen and weaken.

Connect with your toes, ankles and knees to maximise the stability that they give you. Falls prevention, Kew, Richmond

What happens next?

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