Big toe & feet

A class to help anyone with plantar fasciitis or any lower leg pain to realise the importance of their big toes and feet, and how to get them strong!

Via Zoom

Brought to you via Zoom, this session will teach you the importance of keeping your big toes moving and the muscles in your feet strong. Reconnecting with your big toes and feet will help your knees and hips. It is recommended for anyone who has had foot, ankle, or knee pain.

Get Strong big toe & feet consists of exercises and movements specifically designed to focus on your feet.

This movement therapy is like no other because it focuses on the feet, working on the strength, mobility, endurance and coordination of one of the most important body parts you own.

Highly recommended for anyone with a history of ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, calf or knee pain. If you are a runner or hiker this is a great way to keep your feet on the road by taking them 'off-road' and treating them more as a 4x4 than an automatic.

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